Serafol ABO+D Bedside Test

Serafol ABO+D Bedside Test

The Serafol AB0+D bedside test by sifin is used to quickly determine the blood type at the patient's bed, greatly increasing the safety of the blood transfusion. The coloured test reagents reduce the risk of an incorrect reading, while the labelling fields on the bedside test guarantee the correct allocation of the test results.

  • Serafol ABO+D bedside test
  • Blood type test to prevent incorrect transfusions
  • For testing blood types in the ABO systems and the rhesus factor
  • Rapid, strong agglutination
  • Even weak blood group features will provide a reaction
  • Auto-control field
  • Simple identification of blood groups using coloured test reagents
  • Double card enables the test to be carried out on donor blood and blood reserves
  • Results can be archived (cover film available as an accessory)
  • Easy to carry out
  • Safe diagnosis in only 2 minutes
  • Very reliable
  • Labelling fields prevent the incorrect allocation of test results
  • Store at room temperature
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 1 pack of 50 kits (double cards)

How the Serafol ABO+D Bedside Test works:

  • Remove the Serafol AB0+D bedside cards from the packet and separate
  • Add one drop of recipient or donor blood to each reaction field in a row
  • Add one drop of water to the blood in each reaction field
  • Stir each field with a separate stick for 30 seconds
  • Make sure that the mixture is spread all over the reaction field
  • Gently shake the card for 30-60 seconds so that mixtures move in circles without coming into contact with each other
  • Check the reaction fields for agglutination and write the results on the card.

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